Custom Printed Boxes From Discount Box Printing

Custom Printed boxes:

  • Custom box is made on the demand of customers.
  •  That is why these boxes are named as custom Printed boxes because they can be customized according to your demands.
  • This box is the easiest way to keep you products or anything into it. You can make your custom box whatever you want like it can be your accessory holder, scrap bin, gift box, product keeper or anything.
  • Custom box don’t have any specific size or shape. it can be any box like cosmetic box, die cut box, candy box, and counter display box or any other box you want.
  • Custom box is a chance for you to design a box of your own choice that will be useful for you in your daily personal or professional life.

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Use of Custom Printed Boxes:

  • Many corporations and establishments have their own diary box open holder so can customize the box with logo of their company or according to the theme color of office to make it look more related to the environment of their office.
  • Want to present a sample to your clients? Here is a wonderful option for you to present the samples to your clients in an organized way. Although your deal will may not get settled but they will surely admire your service and way of presenting the samples to others which will cast a good impression to others too. And it will also increase your customers.

Service with quality:

Best quality of printing and material is obvious we are devoted to give the best quality to our customers. Not just quality but we also provide the best quality in lower rates so our customers can enjoy the same expensive quality on cheap rates. A satisfactory smile on our customer’s face is the full reward for us.

A little about Custom Printed Boxes:

An endless range or colors and designs are available to work creatively. We use CMYK and PMS color schemes and all colors are 100% Eco-friendly and are made from vegetables and soy. Custom card stock and corrugated cards are used according to the custom demand of customer. Size and shape can vary. Paper cards or other cards which are used in custom printed boxes are of 12 to 14 pt. or also can be 100lb to 120lb. after printing a UV coat is given to box to protect the print and after that a lamination cover is also applied on it which is available in two types mate and glossy. Both can be used for our customers according to their demand.

More details and services:

For more details and guidance you can visit our Custom Printed Boxes page and can see lots of designs and boxes range available to us. We also provide 24/7 online customer support where an expert team is there for your help. You can also submit your art work to us online. Free proof reading and design review is also available.

Shipping and product handling is only done for the customers of United States of America. Product delivery time is from 7 to 10 days that can also vary according to the amount of order.


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