Single Pocket Folders

Custom Single Pocket Folders, Wholesale Single Pocket Folders, Cheap rates Single Pocket Folders, Company Single Pocket FoldersKey Features

  •  Available in any shapes and sizes
  • Available Premium Stock 80lb/100lb Cover Card Stock
  • Available Pockets, CD and Business Card Slit options
  • Available Engraved, Embossed and Die Cut Printing
  • Full color CMYK /PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
  • Optional UV Coating For extra shine and Durability
  • Free custom Graphic Designing and free lamination Gloss/Matte finish available
  • Free Quick Shipping and Handling Within USA
  • 100% Printing quality and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  •  Production and delivery Turnaround normally in 7 to 10 Days

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Single Pocket Folders are excellent way keep presentations or valuable documents safely and organized. The outside or inside pocket options help the users to keep their documents and presentations safely. There is no risk of loosing your document if you have single pocket folders with you.

They are specially designed as the pocket slit is attached outside or inside of the folder that help to keep advertising material of company, presentations and documents in a secure manner. The pocket on these folders also helps to make partition and you can have your documents according to requirement as well.

Single pocket folders are useful in most of the working areas like hospitals, universities, organizations, offices, colleges, schools and hotels. They are quite effective and important tool for a corporate office of companies. These folders help you to arrange your presentations and business documents simply. If you have an urgent meeting and you have these folders you feel easy to present your prepared or arranged data.

These folders can act as a very vital tool in the promotion of your business. Single pocket folders are fairly useful and result oriented as these can easily carry materials like company information sheet and products text.

These folders are specially produced to add a professional working touch to your work place. You can also use single pocket folders in order to systematize your organization.

They are generally used in working organizations and corporate offices of companies all across the world. Single pocket folders are not only used by professionals, but they are also useful for the students. They help to students to arrange their presentations organized. These folders are also used to keep documents about the company and business.  They let you manage all of your business presentations in a highly convenient and impressive manner.

Single pocket folders not only help you in organizing your business presentations, but also help you in improving the company’s reputation. They are also made according to the reason of their use.

Discount Box Printing offers best designing in single pocket folders to customers. We are sure our custom single pocket folders will give you convenience to arrange your valuable documents and presentations in an impressive and effective way. If you make a use of these folders in your business they will definitely improve the corporate representation of your company and you can also get the trust of your business client.

We also produce custom single pocket folders according to your customized requirements.

The features mentioned following will help you to get information about our one pocket folders.

We have the premium stock for cover card 80lb or 100lb. We offer to attach pockets, CD and business card slit with these folders, but this is optional and depends on your choice. If you have these slit on these folders you can get help advantage and can have more material with yourself easily. We also produce these folders with an engraved, embossed and die cut printing.

We focus on to give international standards to our all products so that we add latest full colors Pantone Matching System (PMS) or CMYK in printing process. We use totally automatic printing technology and that gives unique look to product. You can get all of our products at the wholesale rates. We recommend UV coating for the extra shine and durability of the printing material as per your requirement.  Moreover, we also offer custom graphic designing and lamination gloss/matt finish only for printing orders and these options are free of setup charges.

Production turnaround is very speedy. Free delivery is provided at your doorsteps. If you want to know more about our products you can get our free online chat support and also visit our website